2017 Proved To Be Another Good Year For The Socks Knitting Machines

Update:31 Jul 2018

Two European Union countries still produces many of the […]

Two European Union countries still produces many of the world's finest and most advanced knitting machines. It is reported that in 2017, the EU countries exported sock knitting machines worth around EUR 130 million, leading the world's knitting industries with superior technology.


Among the EU countries, one country continue to stand out in terms of sock knitting machine exports - Italy.


Exports of sock knitting machines from the European Union amounted to EUR 127.9 million in 2016, dropping slightly to EUR 127.5 in 2017. Exports valued at EUR 37 million (29%) went to Turkey in 2017, while EUR 23.8 million (18.6%) worth went to China.


Italy was the largest exporter of sock knitting machines with exports of EUR 110 million in 2016 and EUR 111.2 million in 2017. Italy's share of EU exports in 2017 was 87.2%, leading the world with internationally celebrated brands such as Lonati, Sangiacomo, Rumi, Busi Giovanni and Cesare Colosio.


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