A Knitting Machine Is An Ergonomic Device

Update:12 Nov 2018

A knitting machine is an ergonomic device designed for […]

A knitting machine is an ergonomic device designed for creating smart knitted clothing and accessories. You can knit garments of any color, size, and style, such as sweaters, scarves, mittens, hats, and socks. Knitting machines allow producing clothing much faster than you'd do knitting in a conventional way.


Knitting machines are not like sewing machines. It seems like we were born with the basics of sewing machines. Knitting machines are fascinating pieces of equipment with buttons, springs, wires and hooks enough to contact the outer world.


A knitting machine is a bed of latch hooks. Depending on the gauge, there will be anywhere from 150 to 220 latch hooks in a knitting machine bed. You move the knitting machine carriage from side to side. As the leading edge of the carriage passes over the needles, it shoves the latch hooks forward and the stitches fall behind the latches. As the center of the knitting machine carriage passes over the hooks, it lays the new yarn into the hook, and as the carriage clears the needles, the needles are pulled back. New stitches are formed as the prior row of stitches are knit off the needles.


Because the latch hooks are always facing one direction, and because the carriage travels right to left, then left to right, the default fabric is stockinette stitch.

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