A Knitting Machine Is Not For Everyone

Update:20 Feb 2019

Knitting machines are not just for acrylic yarns. You c […]

Knitting machines are not just for acrylic yarns. You can knit all fibers—from cottons to wools, and most novelty yarns. The mid-gauge is the most versatile machine, letting you knit from your hand knitting stash.


Machine knitting is not cheating! We don’t begrudge seamstresses their sewing machines, or weavers their looms. A knitting machine is just another tool in the repertoire. Machines still need human creativity and nimble fingers to work their magic.


Machine knitted garments can look just like hand-knitted garments, especially when they include hand-manipulated techniques on a mid-gauge machine.


A knitting machine is not for everyone. Chances are you will never knit an intricate sweater on a knitting machine.


While there is cross-over in what you can do by hand and by machine, it’s important to recognize that they are different crafts.


A knitting machine can open up worlds of techniques, creativity, and possibilities—you will never get bored with a machine.

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