Blind Person Can Learn To Work A Knitting Machine

Update:02 Jan 2019

A knitting frame is a tactile craft which might be poss […]

A knitting frame is a tactile craft which might be possible to operate without vision. A more complicated machine moves too fast. Dropped stitches aren’t always noticed by a sighted person when they happen. The hooks on the ends of the needles can break off too, which are then very sharp.


Just like a sighted person, a blind person learns by touch and by listening to the sound of the knitting machine. You can thread a machine by feel, and the sounds that the machine makes tells you that all is well or that there’s a tension problem. I recommend first trying a hand-cranked machine that uses big needles, because it’s easier to control the tensioning and feel the individual stitches.


Although I am sighted, I often hand-knit without looking at my work. It’s not as hard as it seems. I use my fingers to feel the individual stitch, and my hands always are on the needles.


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