Differences Between Hand And Machine Knitting

Update:19 Dec 2018

Before you take the plunge and change from hand knittin […]

Before you take the plunge and change from hand knitting to machine, let's point out some of the differences.


Stitches aren’t created equal – Not all stitches are created the same with a machine, as they are with needles. There are even some that are impossible to recreate. Others are so tedious, it’s hardly worth the bother.


Differences in gauge – The ideal scenario would be to choose a machine that allows you to change the position or size of the needles, to meet a different gauge. Unfortunately, many machines have needles locked in place, which means you can’t adapt for different gauges. What happens instead is several swatches have to be created, in order to determine the right one to use. Machine knitting requires far more preparation, but don’t be disheartened. Once you’ve got the hang of it you’re production line will be smoking hot.


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