Economies Of Scale - Knitting Machine Is Trend For Knitters

Update:19 Sep 2018

For knitter, selling finished products is next to impos […]

For knitter, selling finished products is next to impossible to make money, so more and more people tend to buy a knitting machine. The temptation would be to employ a knitting machine to finish the items faster so you could sell them.


After all, the economies of scale would require you to produce so many items before the cost of producing each item becomes less that no matter how fast you knit you could never keep up.


Nowadays, it's surprising that anyone can truly make a living selling knitted garments that you can find mass-produced anywhere, such as hats, scarves, sweaters, etc., particularly if you are hand-knitting versus machine-knitting.


According to a yarn shop owner, she used to hire a lady to knit samples. The lady can also use a knitting machine for some of the work. It means machine knitting is a trend in the market. It's very hard to make money with yarn craft because people are more willing to buy cheap mass produced knitwear.


In order to turn a profit you need to figure up how much your materials cost, and then how much your time costs. Materials alone can be more expensive than a scarf that you can buy at walmart.

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