Examine Reasons For Buying A Knitting Machine

Update:12 Feb 2019

It’s very important to examine your reasons for buying […]

It’s very important to examine your reasons for buying a machine. If you expect to produce socks or gloves in an evening, think again. Speed is only a small factor in machine knitting.


And while both hand and machine knitting have many things in common, machine knitting is different than hand knitting. There are many reasons to seriously consider investing in a machine. Here are just some of them.


If you have trouble sustaining an even tension in hand knitting, a knitting machine is a big help. Once you get into a steady rhythm with your carriage, stitch formation is consistent and nearly perfect.


If you have trouble carrying several colors, your stitches are too tight, or it is difficult to follow a color chart, a knitting machine can solve your problems.


If you love intarsia, it’s much easier to hang several colors on a machine than to keep track of them on two needles.


You may find that knitting lace on a machine is easier than by hand.


For production knitting or charity work, a machine can save you time and money.


If your mantra is “So much yarn, so little time,” it’s much faster to knit stockinette on a machine. You can complete the back of a plain, basic adult sweater in less than an hour.


But not all stitches translate into speed. One of the great things is that you can still enjoy the challenge of creating an interesting texture by hand manipulating the stitches.


A machine can give you the best of both worlds: It can speed up the tedious work of stockinette, but it can give you the pleasure of manually working through a complex chart for lace or cables. You don’t lose the satisfaction of hand-manipulation on a machine.


Since machine knitting can be faster than hand knitting, it gives you more time for designing and being creative.


Advanced techniques such as jacquard and knit-weaving are very easy on a high-end machine.


As an added bonus, it’s actually easier and quicker to rip out mistakes on a machine than by hand. You can rip out a row in a few seconds without dropping any stitches from their needles. It makes mistakes much less agonizing to fix.

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