How to Make Tube Socks on a Knitting Machine

Update:08 Mar 2019

Handcrafted items make great gifts, allowing you to put […]

Handcrafted items make great gifts, allowing you to put that extra personal touch in everything you give. Hand-knitted items are especially beloved by many, but can be very time-consuming to create. If you only have a small window of time to complete a knitted gift-giving project, consider using a knitting machine instead. A knitting machine will enable you to complete a pair of simple tube socks in only a fraction of the time a traditional technique would require.


Set the knitting machine to knit circular fabric and begin casting on yarn, beginning with the indicated starter needle. If you are using the Addi Express knitting machine, it will be the first white needle to the left of the third black needle on the machine. Turn the handle as you hand-weave yarn in front of and then behind each successive needle until you reach the first of three black needles.


Pass yarn behind tte first black needle, then turn the handle, allowing the second black needle to hook yarn, and then reverse the handle motion to wind yarn fully around the needle. Lay yarn in the holder and close the holder clip.


Knit the first row around by slowly continuing in the same direction as when you first began casting on. Watch carefully that each stitch is correctly performed by the machine. This is critical in the first few rows as the knitting task is being established. Use a small crochet needle to adjust the yarn on the machine needles if necessary. Continue knitting until the knitted fabric reaches the desired length.


Remove the knitted fabric from the machine by unhooking the yarn from the holder clip and making one final turn back around the project on the machine. Using the circular needle, gently lift each stitch off its corresponding machine needle and slide it onto the circular needle until all stitches are freed from the machine. Lift the knitted fabric out of the machine.


Bind off by first pearling one row around using the circular needle, ensuring that stitches are twisted into the correct direction, and then using your favorite knit/purl binding off method for the final row. This end will form the toe portion of tube sock.


Stitch the toe portion of the tube sock together, using the yarn and yarn needle to create an invisible mattress stitch. Weave the free ends of the yarn into the weave of knitted fabric.

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