JTKM Offers Standard Home And Industry Knitting Machines

Update:27 Sep 2018

One of the hugest reasons people using knitting machine […]

One of the hugest reasons people using knitting machine is because it helps them with the pain, arthritis and stiffness of hands.


There are two kinds of home knitting machines: flatbed and circular. The flatbed machines go back and forth, and there are several good brands. As for the circular machines, they primarily make tubes but can make small, flat pieces as well.


So really, to determine which is the best, you have to decide what you want to make, and the size of yarn you want to use. You also have to be incredibly patient, because it takes time and practice to use these well and how to fix broken and missing needles, stitches, to stop and redo the needles for purling, etc.


For beginners, Shaoxing Jinlong Machinery offers good computerized knitting machines which help you get started quickly. This is a lightweight knitting machine that knits very smoothly. It feeds yarn beautifully and takes a nice variety of yarn weights from sport to even a heavy worsted.


It's super easy and super cheap. Although it has a standard gauge, the full feature machine won't break your heart with frustration.

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