Knitting Industry Reach To A Whole New Level

Update:01 Apr 2019

A knitting machine is an equipment used to produce knit […]

A knitting machine is an equipment used to produce knitted fabrics through the interlocking of one or more yarns using a single loop. Although industrial knitting facilities appeared in the late 18th century, the revolution in the textile industry happened in the recent past with the idea of producing yarn directly at the knitting machine. Industrial knitting machines are used for the bulk production of textiles for several industries, including automotive, medical, sports, general apparel, etc. Industrial knitting machines are used for manufacturing seat covers for automobiles, textiles in medical, swimsuits and shoes in sports, geotextiles in construction, mosquito nets for home and furniture, etc.


Increasing automation has led the knitting industry to a whole new level. Operations are performed automatically with the use of computerized knitting machines. As per the complexity and quantity of the end product, different types of industrial knitting machines are needed. Owing to the increasing demand for efficient and durable knitted fabrics in various industries, the need for advanced industrial knitting machines is estimated to witness significant growth. This, in turn, is estimated to project substantial opportunities in the industrial knitting machines market during the forecast period.


Increasing complex designs in the textile industry is estimated to be a key factor driving the demand for industrial knitting machines across the globe. Fully automated industrial knitting machines are able to produce complex designs with greater ease, hence, are considerably adopted for mass production. Growing automotive sales as well as increasing vehicle fleets are also key factors fueling the demand for industrial knitting machines.


Increasing construction activities around the world are estimated to fuel the demand for geotextiles (used in the construction of roads, drains, breakwaters, land reclamation, and various other civil engineering purposes), which, in turn, may drive the demand for industrial knitting machines in the coming years. The growing demand for knit fabrics in sports activities is estimated to significantly contribute to the global industrial knitting machines market in the coming years.

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