Knitting Is Definitely An Enjoyable Activity To Do

Update:28 Feb 2019

Knitting is definitely an enjoyable activity to do. It […]

Knitting is definitely an enjoyable activity to do. It is such a gratifying experience to hold a pair of needles with a yarn flowing over your fingers, crafting your very own masterpiece. With every stitch that a knitter makes, it does not only develop one’s creativity and skills, but it also helps a person release tension and stress. However, some hand knitters, most especially those who fabricate items for business, have also thought of the idea of purchasing a knitting machine for a faster and more efficient production. Today, we’ll find out why.


A knitting machine is a device that’s used to create different kinds of knitted fabrics. It was first invented in 1589, as the knitted stockings became a part of the century’s fashion trend. But then, hand knitters during those days opposed the thought of using a machine for making their handcrafts. This was because of the fact that the art of knitting has been one of the main sources of most of the families’ income at that time. Today, the use of machines became a norm for both the knitting hobbyists and entrepreneurs. Knitting machines now range from main entry level, non mechanical, to the highly complex and electronic devices.


In knitting machine technology, the basic system is the set of mechanical components that move the needles and allow the formation of the loop. The output rate of a machine is determined by the number of systems it incorporates, as every system corresponds to a lifting or lowering movement of the needles, and therefore, to the formation of a course.

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