Knitting Machines Work Better Than Hand Knitting In Some Ways

Update:04 Sep 2018

Many knitter want to identify wheather knitting machine […]

Many knitter want to identify wheather knitting machines work better than hand knitting. Here we'll talk about the differences according to experienced knitter.


Knitting machines have strengths and weaknesses. For the things they do well, they are faster and more consistent than hand knitting, but there are things they do badly or not at all, so one must ask "work better for what?"


For instances, Flat-knitting machines effectively knit a whole row at once, pulling all the loops through in one motion. Then you re-thread the yarn across the row and pull the lever and BOOM, another row done in the time it takes to knit a few stitches by hand. This is a great time-saver. Circular knitting machines (often sized for socks or for hats/sleeves) have a cascading action, sometimes operated by turning a crank, which does work one stitch at a time but does it much faster than a hand-knitter can.


However, if you're doing anything besides straight pieces of stockinette stitch things become complicated quickly. Some knitting machines have top complexity limits for what they can do at all; others are more flexible but you need a lot more skill and experience with how to MAKE them do those things in order to produce the result.


It is possible to design a garment pattern such that it plays right into the strongest strengths of a knitting machine, the biggest advantages of using one over hand knitting. For example, a large rectangular piece of simple stockinette knitted in very fine yarn will be many, MANY times faster to knit on a machine than by hand, or if you own a tubular knitter it is very, very easy to churn out long tubes of stockinette (for example, for socks) very much faster than one can do it by hand on plain needles.


However, there are many decorative stitches and shaping techniques that are outright impossible on knitting machines, and those must be done by hand.

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