Knitting Technology Focus On Energy Efficiency And Waste Reduction

Update:08 Aug 2018

As the knitting machine become more and more popular in […]

As the knitting machine become more and more popular in the industry, energy efficiency and waste reduction are both the important focuses in new knitting technologies.


Knitting technology is always evolving, and improvements in machine manufacturing and graphic design software systems give technicians, designers and engineers more options to make technical, non-fashion related fabrics that were traditionally woven constructions.


Many of the recent developments from the global textile machinery industry's knitting machine manufacturers have centered on increased energy efficiency and waste reduction.


Some companies even has produced a recycling process by cleaning and reusing needle oil. "Used oil is cleansed of dirt particles in a filter unit housed within the machine, and then returned to the machine’s oil circuit."


There is a new needle that weigh less in the market. It save energy while make the productivity higher. This design not only reduces friction and wear substantially, but also lower the machine's temperature and energy consumption.

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