Reason Why Knitting Machine Drop Stitches

Update:19 Apr 2019

There are no knitting machines that will produce a comp […]

There are no knitting machines that will produce a complete garment, apart from, socks and glove. These are industrial machines, and cost thousands.


Most home knitting machines can only knit flat pieces of a garment, which are then sewn together. These are usually hand-operated, but there are some electronic versions. However, it’s usually necessary to manipulate the flat pieces - to increase or decrease the size, for example, or to work cables by hand, so there’s a limit to how useful the electronic versions are. It’s possible to knit tubes of various sizes by hooking a regular knitting machine up to another one known as a ribber, but again, the garment shaping has to be done by hand. These machines can be picked up secondhand, but are still quite high-priced. They also have a significant learning curve, which your hand-knitting skills can’t really help with.


Why does the knitting machine drop stitches?


This could be a number of things -

If it comes unthreaded or isn’t threaded properly, your machine will drop stitches.

If you are doing tuck stitch with most needles tucked, it can’t handle that and will drop stitches.

If you are using inappropriate yarn, it can break and drop stitches, or it could be too thick, clog the needles and drop stitches.

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