Sock Knitting Machines Is Used To Weave A Sock

Update:28 Apr 2019

The machinery and equipment industry is one of the larg […]

The machinery and equipment industry is one of the largest and most competitive industry in the world. Machinery and equipment industry provides crucial and highly advanced technology which would be utilized for other services and industries. Manufacturing process control and other automation tools assist end users to maximize the efficiency of their equipment.


The machinery and equipment industry comprises of companies involved in the manufacturing of basic machine tools, compressors, industrial automation, textile machinery, and pumps.


Knitting machines have strengths and weaknesses. For the things they do well, they are faster and more consistent than hand knitting, but there are things they do badly or not at all, so one must ask "work better for what?"


Sock Knitting Machines is used to weave a sock, and the sock can be woven by a special mechanism of a sock machine, or manually transferred to a sock machine after completion by other machines.

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