Socks Knitting Machines Market Report 2018

Update:04 Jul 2018

As we know, now the major exporters of sock knitting ma […]

As we know, now the major exporters of sock knitting machines are Italy and China. In 2017, China has exports valued EUR 23.8 million.

This June, the Hosiery Sock Knitting Machines Market report came out with a series of figures about product scope, market size, growth estimations, market revenue and so on. The report also provides complete Analysis including a company profile and financial performance in Hosiery Sock Knitting Machines market, recent developments, technology upgrades, product overview and Hosiery Sock Knitting Machines business future plans.

The market of Socks Knitting Machines has been better since these years. The development of Socks Knitting Machines technique also growth rapidly. Recently, Italian sock knitting machine builder Rumi has developed a number of new models including a new machine targeted at the shoe upper sector and a model equipped with toe-closing technology.

Additionally, exports of European Union circular knitting machines has increased by 3.1%, which means the popularity of circular knitting machines is more and more important, too.

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