Suggestions For Buying Knitting Machine

Update:10 Dec 2018

Machine knitting takes perseverance and a stubborn cons […]

Machine knitting takes perseverance and a stubborn constitution not to quit. A knitting machine is like NO OTHER piece of equipment you have ever used. It can behave in some of the oddest ways, and our logical minds have no experience to draw upon.


"What is the best machine?" The best machine is the machine that knits the yarn weights you need to knit, with features you desire, with the minimum of fuss, in the most enjoyable manner, in the time frame you need. And since none of us do the same thing, think the same way or have the same budget, we won’t all agree on the same machine. So to find out what is the best machine, we need to learn as much as possible about what knitting machines can do for us, what we want them to do for us and what their limitations are.


Selecting your knitting machine should be done carefully. Just as there are different knitting sizes and crochet hook sizes for different sizes of yarns, there are various gauges of knitting machines. Take your time to learn what models knit the size yarns you want to use. Often the requests I get are “I want to do hats.” Hats can be knit in any size yarn. There are hats knit out of thick yarn, and there are hats knit out of thin yarn. Thin yarns are better knit on the standard gauge machines, while hats done out thick yarn need to be done on a bulky knitting machine. Understanding which machine knits which size of yarn, and understanding the features each machine offers you, is the key to making a wise choice.


What is a knitting machine? Learn what machine knitting is all about, and which knitting machine fits your needs.


If you are thinking about buying a knitting machine for yourself, I strongly suggest you research the models out thoroughly. There is much to understand about what you desire to knit, why you desire to machine knit, and what types of items you’d like to produce.


Strong recommendations

I recommend not buying a used machine for your first knitting machine. If you are having trouble getting the machine to knit successfully, you do not know if it is your technique, or issues with the machine.

I recommend not buying a knitting machine that is not currently in production. I can guarantee it that if the machine is no longer in production, parts are also not produced.

I recommend locating a dealer to buy from. Lessons are invaluable. Most reputable dealers will offer a few free lessons with machines. Reputable dealers often have monthly meetings. JTKM are absolutely an invaluable source of help and creativity.

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