The Difference Between Loom And Knitting Machine

Update:25 Oct 2018

The loom is known by many names. They include powerloom […]

The loom is known by many names. They include powerlooms, semi-automatic looms, automatic looms, pneumatic or air jet looms, water jet looms, and so on. They produce fabrics which are essentially interlaced in both horizontally and vertically, in other terms, warp and weft. These produce linear fabrics in yards or meera in a continuous fashion.


The fabrics produced in this method are sturdy and are strong to wear and tear.


On the other hand, a knitting machine too produce fabrics in other method. It uses interlacing loops to produce the fabric. There are 2 types of knotting machines, namely, circular knitting and flat bed knitting.


The knitted fabrics are noted for their flexibility and recovery factors.


In short, loom is a very versatile machine but it needs a lot of preparation.. it forms a fabric by interlacing of threads. Knitting machine on the other hand can create only one type.of fabric via interlooping of yarn.

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