The Differences Of Hand And Machine Knitting

Update:22 Aug 2018

In the past, people who focus on knitting called hand k […]

In the past, people who focus on knitting called hand knitters. As time's goes by, they want to start machine knitting to increase their speed while hand knitting cause pain and their output can't meet request.


Knitting machine can increase output but machine knitting will not produce as fast and easily all of the stitches the market need to use in designs. However, not all hand knit stitches and techniques can be reproduce identically on the knitting machine.


Machine knitting is fun and extremely creative. It is said that machine knitting is cheating, or it is easy. Some people think they only need to throw yarn at the knitting machine. The fact is that machine knitting is much more complicated and difficult than hand knitting.


When a hand knitter moves into the field of machine knitting, it is often a shock to the creative side. Machine knitting takes perseverance and a stubborn constitution not to quit.


A knitting machine is like no other piece of equipment you have ever used. Machine knitting is a totally different way of producing knitwear.

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