The Flexibility Of Computerized Knitting Machines

Update:24 Jul 2018

Machine knitting is a mature technology used to create […]

Machine knitting is a mature technology used to create everything from gardening gloves to fashion sweaters. Knitting machines use hundreds of needles, working in precise synchrony, to interconnect loops of yarn, producing finely detailed, seamless fabrics.


The versatility of these machines and the ability of people to express themselves through the machines can be greatly enhanced by changing the way they are programmed. They can be used to manufacture not only the same object, but also completely custom shapes.


This is why computerized knitting machine is so important in modern life. Jinlong's computerized sock knitting machine is sophisticated enough to make use of compiler system while it's easier for users to send knit jobs to a central location for industrial machine processing.


After years technology accumulation and innovation, company has acquired plenty of scientific search achievements in mechanical design, precision weaving research, microelectronic technique, computer control, etc. and has completely proprietary intellectual property rights. Our high quality machines can never go wrong with knit accessories like gloves, hats and scarves.

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