The Pros Of Hand Knitting And Knitting Machine

Update:30 May 2019

Machine knitting is placed in a certain location. Its s […]

Machine knitting is placed in a certain location. Its size and weight depends on the material to knit. Therefore, it might need an ample space. Hand knitting, on the other hand, can be brought anywhere and does not use a huge amount of space.

In terms of speed, hand knitters will take more time to finish their craft since they need to make sure that every stitch they make is full of consistency and of the same pattern. Because of its automatic features, a knitting machine can obviously create a huge number of stitches at a certain point of time, without even worrying about the consistency of its pattern.

A hand knitter can come up with her own stitching patterns, or design her craft in the middle of the activity. Machine knitters, on the other hand, have a limited capability when it comes to patterns, yet, one can still design the craft afterwards.

Complex designs can be made both in hand and machine knitting. However, if you are not that good in hand knitting, yet you wanted to create an admirable, multi-colored garment with a complicated pattern, machine knitting can be a great help for you! Although since it is a machine, there’s a limited capability for it; so better look for the perfect one that will suit your desired knitted items.

Aside from being portable, hand knitting also calms the mind with the serenity of its sound. Machines can produce loud sounds while stitching. Yet, there are some products that have a minimal sound that isn’t that disturbing.

In hand knitting, as long as you practice your craft, you’ll not just develop your skills, but you’ll also be able to come up with any knitted material you prefer to create. Whereas in machine knitting, each yarn and item of different weights and class require a specific device to use.

A huge amount of money might be needed to invest in a knitting machine, whereas in hand knitting, you only need to buy a pair of needles and a yarn.

For huge projects, the use of knitting machine will definitely be perfect. You can still stitch using your hands, but it will really take much of your time that you might not be able to finish it right away

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