Use A Knitting Machine To Make Hand-knitting Pattern

Update:08 Oct 2018

New machine make knitters be able to use a knitting mac […]

New machine make knitters be able to use a knitting machine to make any hand-knitting pattern.


Knitting machines are capable of performing all sorts of fancy stitch techniques, but use different methods to read the design you want to use. Early machines had little or no such capability, and the knitter had to pattern the design manually. Subsequent knitting machines use one of many different methods to automatically pattern like punchcard, mylar, and electronic.


When the knitting machine reads each line of the graphed design, it places the selected needles into the correct working positions to make the pattern. Regardless of type, any knitting machine will repeat the design, whatever size, over and over across the selected needles, unless it's programmed by the knitter to do otherwise. In addition, when all the rows have been knitted, the machine will start over with the first row again unless the design is cancelled.


There is an advice to anyone buying a new machine knitting is to buy the best that you can, even if it's more than you need right now, because trade-in values are very low. If you should decide later that you want more features, you'll end up spending a lot more than if you just got them in the first place. If you are interested in this field, purchasing our quality Sport Socks Knitting Machines as a try.

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