Computerized Boat Sock Knitting Machine SJL-600

This series of full-computerized dual feeders Boat sock knitting machine can knit tabby, rib, mesh, elastic Jacquard, double-color socks heel, big socks heel, multi-layer rid cutt. left & right pattern socks, sports socks, trouser-socks, cuff and nead stripe, etc.

Technical character:
• It adopts computer-controlled device.which has dose function and feasible operation.The in/out opera-tion of every brake of this device is controlled by data and the style of socks is changed by the Inport of pattern and chain procedure.
• Computerized Boat Sock Knitting Machine SJL-600 has 2 main feeders and 5 assistant feeders, can be able to meet a wide range sample socks demands.
• Two pickers reduce the revolution rate with higher speed and better efficiency.
• The yarn-sending speed of the elastic is controlled by step-advancing motor and can knit varies of elastic sock tubes.
• It adopts clear and big display screen with selection of languages includes Chinese and English so the data of computer is very clear.
• The lubricant oil system adopts computer-controlled procedure to add oil to keep more steady oil-adding quantity.
• The pattern can be saved after accidental power off or other problems, and the last work procedure can be automatically continued after restart.
Accident checking is perfect and protection system of thread-break and needle-break is very sensitive.


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Main Technology Parameters


Specification SJL-600
Suitable model Plain sock
Knitting machine
Round radus 3+1/2"
Needle speed 84-200N
Rotation speed 300~400r/min
Power 1.00KW
Area 150x120x240
Weight 300kg
Packing size 90x90x180



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