SJL-204 High-Speed Intelligent Glove Knitting Machine

In the face of fierce market competition, in order to meet different customers'demand . on the basis of 2017ZN . JINLONG company through hard work and innovation . develop a new advanced intelligent glove knitting machine.

SJL-204 High-Speed intelligent glove knitting machine .simplify all mechanical structures .full screen touch control ,using servo, stepping and other drivers , to reduce mechanical parts ,have the characteristic of smaller volumn Jess energy consumption , faster speed and higher output . Through remote data consolidation, to achieve computer schedule ,set parameters , collect various datas automatically , Maximize the efficiency of production management to build an intelligent factory.


Main character:

• Adopt CORTEXT-M4-32 bits Micro controller , full control machine running , to reduce machines' fault rate . Operation panel with 7 inch Blue-Ray LCD touch • USB copy output, simple and convenient.

• The lightweight ultra-small and ultra-thin machine head can reduce the operating load, reduce the inertia impact, thus achieve high-speed rotation, high-speed operation, saving power consumption of more than 30%.

• Servo motor with belt drive . change the machine head itinerary , efficient and stable .improve more than 30% output.

• All sizes knitting , stepping advancing motor to control sub-finger system • 1 key to control stitch holder .cutter press location . change glove size freely.

• Stepping advancing motor density system to realize every line every part different knitting density ,rich knitting technology.

• Stepping advancing motor cutter control system .hook yarn .cut yarn and put yarn in any place.

• Needle selection drum use screw linkage . to make sure front and back needle position ,to reduce maintenance rate.

• Stepping motor elastic yarn giving yarn system, computer control wrist size .giving yarn average.

• Intelligent oil supply system . lubricate frication position anytime.

• Broken fingers reweave knitting system , reduce materials loss.


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