Full Computerizde Double-needle High Speed Two-way Three-color kitting Machine SJL-611

SJL-611 full computerized double-needle high speed two-way three-color sock kitting machine has simple structure, is easy to operation. It uses ceramic needles, precise part structure, suitable for the knitting of middle and long stockings, three-color jacquard socks, fashion pantyhose, invisible socks, etc. The machine is easy to repair, with stable performance and high production efficiency.

Technical character:
• Automatic electronic control system
• Electric yarn nozzle, bolt cam control
• Electronic servo drive
• Duel yarn nozzle, 9 nozzles and 2 sets of knives
• Continuous exchange of four colors
• Automatic lubrication system
• Sock (falling functions and automatic turning device
• One round can knit three colors and rubber strings
• “Y” or “W” shape heel
• The connection of jacquard triangular cam can reduce noise
• Reinforced sock heel and head
• LCD screen will show multiple languages
• Efficient precision needle selector (8-file)
• Self-test function of each electronic components
• Display sock making time
• Pattern storage (chain data), USB device

Computer configuration required by pattern program:
• 4 Computer hardware: Pentium 4
• WIN7/XP system
• Rigid disk: More than 10GB
• Transmission standards: More than 16MB


  • 611a
  • waji
  • 611c

Main Technology Parameters


Specification SJL-611
Cylinder diameter 4"
Needle range 108-200N
Rotation speed 240~300r/min
Power 1.3KW-1.5KW
Needle selection 5.5-6piezoelectric needle selector
Voltage 3P-AC 220V-380V 50/60HZ
Package size 100x100x200
Net weight 400kg
Gross weight 450kg


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